Client Testimonials

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Misty Skidmore // International Teacher

When I started coaching with Tiffany, I was in the midst of lots of big decisions, stress, pressure and discontentment. The experience was enlightening, inspiring, gut-wrenching, soul-searching and overall very satisfying and rewarding! Dealing with junk or being stuck at some point in our lives is a very tough process, but Tiffany was with me every step of the way.  

Through our work, I gained new perspectives, discernment, encouragement, laughter, tears and fantastic resources and tools that I had never heard of or used before. My whole view of life shifted - I began to truly see things transform before my eyes.  My mind shifted, but so did my general attitude about life. Tiffany's work with me helped to affect my entire being - body, soul, mind, spirituality.   

I recommend life coaching for the type A/control freak personalities like me who like to pretend that we have it all together, but many times we are just looking for one person that is SAFE, WARM, AND AUTHENTIC.  I found that with Tiffany! Life coaching is great for our personalities because we usually don't like to bother others with our problems, so the stress just builds and builds. Knowing that she was a "stranger" at first really took some pressure off.  

I can't stress enough how gifted Tiffany is in her profession. I love meeting people who are doing exactly what they are made to do and she was made to be a LIFE COACH!