• Tiffany Skidmore

When the Comfort Zone gets icky 🤢

Have you noticed that being too deep in the Comfort Zone is seriously uncomfortable? Though in the moment it may feel best to stay in the familiar, long-term it can wreak havoc on our spirits.

At the same time, the Comfort Zone is essential for sustainable growth. Let me share what I know right now...

Being deep in the Discomfort Zone for too long results in feeling like an exposed nerve ending. If we always felt like that, we would never get anything done. We’d just kind of stand there and spasm, convulsing with our inner blech.

But deep in the Comfort Zone? That’s a more insidious discomfort.

It’s like the unease of shoes being on the wrong feet.

The feeling of...I’m in my life, but not in the right way.

I’m here, but not really.

The days are just kind of slipping by like water through my fingers — nothing captured, nothing gained.

I was there for a while. The pandemic and all that came with it required some hibernation, some tucking way back into the Comfort Zone in order to survive. My upleveled tools that I practice and teach weren’t as solid; old ways of tv, food, and staying small came back into play.

And I get it. I can hold myself and my behaviors with warmth and understanding. If I didn’t hibernate like a mama bear for a while, life would’ve been harder than it already was. It makes sense why, for a while, I was less brave, less loud, less visible, and taking less meaningful action. I simply didn’t have much capacity for more discomfort.

The comfort zone is essential for humans. However, it can turn into a Groundhog Day nightmare as well. Each day full of promises to yourself that get broken, relieved by the reassurance that tomorrow will be better. But, it isn’t. Tomorrow is the same as today. And yesterday. Until something changes.

When do you know that it’s time to stop living in the dead-middle of the Comfort Zone?

When your “tomorrow promises” are constantly being broken.

When the discomfort from not following through for yourself is a nagging voice, persistent and painful.

When you are feeling nudges that it’s time for change.

If you want to get started on balancing the Comfort and Discomfort Zones, I can help you. Not only is this what I do with clients each week, but it’s a world I know intimately. Where you are now makes sense, and it is okay.

AND, maybe you’re feeling like it’s time for change, a nudge saying you are willing to do what it takes to start following through for yourself.

If that’s you, I invite you to own it! Declare it in the comments or email me. What are you wanting to change that keeps getting pushed off till tomorrow?

I believe in you and your spirit. You got this.

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