• Tiffany Skidmore

Thoughts are not facts

Some say thoughts are powerful; I say humans are powerful.

Many of us give power to our thoughts unconsciously. We regard our thoughts as facts.

When one thought leads to another then to another and another, we go for the wild ride without question.

Our brains live in the past and the future—ruminating, analyzing, preparing. We wake up to a brain-tornado of to-do’s and should’ve’s and what if’s.

The biological truth is, we are wired for survival—to seek pleasure and avoid pain. Our brains focus on the negative instinctually. Our systems are intricate and effective, but they were built for a time before modern cities, the Internet, and processed foods.

The mind’s tendency to focus on the negative as a means for survival means we get caught in painful loops in our minds, reliving mistakes and predicting worst case scenarios.

The drive to seek pleasure means we easily turn to quick dopamine fixes like junk food, tv, alcohol, busy-ness, and scrolling in order to avoid discomfort or emotions in the moment.

When we begin to understand that thoughts are not facts, but just sentences that come and go in our minds, we get to start choosing which thoughts we give power to.

The most powerful thoughts are the ones we think again and again and again. They are superhighways in our brains, neural pathways that, once triggered, are fast and automatic.

So, how do we start to have a more empowered and intentional relationship with our thoughts?

The first step is always always getting to know them. Standing back and noticing, what are the thoughts I think all the time? When ‘X’ happens, what does my mind say? When I think this, what do I feel? What do I do?

Shining the light of awareness on our minds is an essential step to taking new action.

We give power to our thoughts, whether consciously or unconsciously. Starting to choose what thoughts we empower paves the way for change.

It takes energy, time, and intention to create a different relationship with your brain. Are you willing?

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