• Tiffany Skidmore

A love note for you

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Dear One,

I know this moment right now does not feel like progress.

Maybe you feel like you've lost all the ground you've gained. Maybe it seems like the Universe is working against you. Maybe all the actions you're taking aren't bringing the results you expect.

I know it's tempting to think: I'll never change. This is too hard. I'm too broken.

Dear One, I hear you. I get it. I've been there.

And let me tell you the truth…

This is not the end. You are whole now and each moment. YOU ARE IN PROCESS RIGHT NOW.

Think of a seed. There’s so much that has to go on inside and underground before we see anything externally.

Nature shows us beautifully how growth happens. To start, it's internal, with no apparent outer effects. Then suddenly, A green shoot emerges from the soil. Buds bloom. Fruit grows.

Right now, this moment of struggle and doubt and pain. This is you IN PROCESS.

Trust me. Trust the Universe. Trust yourself.

Your growth is happening at just the right pace. It may not be the pace you want. It may not be the pace your culture idealizes. But it is perfect. And it is happening.

Imagine what happens when we try to interfere with the seed’s natural pace of growth. We know it needs sun and water, so we flood it with constant hydration and turn on a light at night.

We take away the natural cycles of thirst before water, and darkness before light.

Imagine what might happen to the seed. Does the pressure help? Or does it make growth harder?

What if it were possible to honor all parts of your growth cycle? To love on yourself when you’re hibernating. To love on yourself when you’re “failing” and feel despair. To love on yourself when the thing you’ve been working on for so long starts to be.

As long as you hold an intention in your heart, as long as you practice giving yourself compassion, as long as you commit to recommitting each time you you fail, You will change. It is inevitable.

And this moment? When everything feels impossible. And you feel broken. And you question if you will ever do it. THIS IS PART OF THE PROCESS TOO.

You are in process, dear one, in this, and every moment.

Trust that.

You've got this.

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