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A letter to my future self (from 11 years ago)

This week, I found a letter I wrote to my future self in the summer of 2008. It wrote it at the end of 3 weeks in the wilderness, kayak camping in the San Juan Islands with an Outward Bound group. To give a little context, it was the most physically uncomfortable I'd ever been. We woke up between 2-5 am, paddled for 6-9 hrs a day, and we were constantly cold. Not to mention the rashes from wearing a wetsuit all day! 🤔IT WAS THE BEST. (eventually)

It reminded me how taking time in nature (and away from the distractions of our day to day life) brings me to my deepest wisdom. That days away from screens and to-do lists allows the wisest parts of us to come through. And allows enough space and quiet for us to actually listen.

So today, I want to share some of the most striking part of that letter, written 11 and a half years ago. Some of this have been over a decade long journey of growth. Perhaps some of it will resonate with you too?

  • I want you to know that I love you! Every part of you. I am learning how to love you more completely as the years go on. YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!

  • I'm sorry for ever doubting you, bad mouthing you, for second guessing you, for wishing many times that you were someone else.

  • You are unique in this world with gifts only you have and weaknesses that will be your mission to strengthen.

Remember, you are neither the center of the universe, nor can it be complete without you.
  • Do not depend on anyone else to make you happy or fulfilled or feel loved. That is up to you, my dear. The rest is just icing.

  • Solitude keeps your voice strong and clear.

  • Earth keeps you grounded.

  • Balance keeps you healthy and strong.

Don't go too long without getting uncomfortable.
  • Open your heart up a little more each day. Don't be afraid of pain; it is worth the risk!

  • Learn to open and close your mouth with confidence and certainty.

  • Let go of the reigns a little!

  • People learn through experience, not by being told.

  • Love and acceptance is the greatest gift you can give others and yourself.

  • Communicate more and be honest. Those who can't handle it may leave. That's ok!

Let go. Stretch more. Drink more water.
  • There is a reason for every emotion and thought...I forbid you to get down on yourself or others for feeling or thinking a certain way!

  • Remember how much better it feels to help someone achieve a goal that is easy for you instead of being impatient or irritable.

  • There is joy in a routine.

It's ok to speak your mind. People can only help meet needs that you express.
  • When you slow down, all the amazing little details and joy in life and your surroundings start appearing!

  • Don't use your pen to clean dirt from under your nails. Your nails will still be dirty and your pen will be broken. (the writing switched from pen to pencil at this point 😂)

  • Stay strong. Make changes in yourself and the world.


What would you write to your future self, today?

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